Surtierra Shadow

Black Stud - Champion black fleece 2014 & 2013

Surtierra Shadow was selected after a long search in Australia spanning eighteen months working with Tim Hey of Inca Alpaca. He was bred by Glenda Bartlett of Surtierra Alpaca Stud in Victoria, Australia and we are very grateful to Glenda for selling him to us. He is a large male who exhibits great substance of bone, a deep body, wide hips and broad chest. He moves with a fluid motion and displays high fibre coverage and excellent presence. The fleece that Surtierra Shadow grows is a deep true black colour and that is extremely uniform in colour. Each staple contains densely packed super fine fibres that are bright, solft and uniform in micron. The growth rate of the fibre is also high which all adds up to a very high yield of very fine black fibre. We really appreciate the real softness and fineness Shadow is displaying as a senior male and the uniform black colour.
Surtierra Shadow is a very important sire as his pedigree is full of highly influential black sires in Australia. These genetics are sought after the world over and to have them wrapped up in one elite black sire is a real blessing.

Surtierra Shadow is co-owned by Inca Alpaca

Surtierra Shadow is not available for external services

"Outstanding Black Male"

Type: Huacaya
Colour: Solid Black
Date of Birth: 30th November 2011
Registered With: British Alpaca Society,
Australian Alpaca Association

Current Fibre Results:

SRS® Skin Analysis – Available soon

Secondary follicle to primary follicle ratio: N/A
Follicle Density (at 70kg body weight): N/A
Crimps per cm: N/A
Fibre growth Rate: N/A

Fleece (4th): (13/04/2015), Fibre Testing Authority: Yocom McColl
MIC: 20.81µM, SD: 4.00µM, CV: 19.40%, 1.9% Over 30 Microns(µM), SF …µM

3rd Year Fleece Yield: 5.11kg 3rd Year Staple Length: 124mm


Show results
Alpacafest 2012 
1st place Junior Black Male
Reserve Junior Champion Male

Ballarat Agricultural Show 2012 
1st place Junior Black Male

Colourbration 2012 
1st place Junior Black Male

Creswick Fleece Show 2013
1st place Junior Black Fleece
Champion Black Fleece

Alpacafest 2013
1st place Junior Black Fleece

Colourbration 2013
1st place Junior Black Fleece

Seymour Agricultural Show 2013
1st place Intermediate Black Male
Best Black

Australia Alpaca Association National Show 2013
1st place Junior Black Fleece
Champion Black Fleece

Creswick Fleece Show 2014
1st place Intermediate Black Fleece
Champion Black Fleece

Colourbration 2014
1st place Senior Black Male
1st place Intermediate Black Fleece
Champion Black Fleece

Australia Alpaca Association National Show 2014
1st place Senior Black Male
1st place Intermediate Black Fleece
Champion Black Fleece   


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  • Show Successes!

    • Redens Satchmo 2016 Champion Black

      April 2016

      We took 8 alpacas to the Heart of England show and all were placed including Satchmo who won the Black Huacaya Male Championship and Wialki who won the Black Huacaya female Reserve Champion.

  • Our Aims & Goals

    We have chosen to focus on and breed great blacks that produce champions.

    We have selected blood lines from Australia, Peru, USA and UK. To improve the genetic diversity of our herd.