Focused on Blacks

Focused on Blacks

While alpacas come in many natural colours ranging through white, fawn, brown, grey, black and even multi colours. The majority of alpaca breeders have selectively bred towards white and fawn resulting in the white animals having the most luxurious and incredible fleece. In fact in South America breeding programmes over the last 150yrs have been designed to select the white and fawn animals. With the result that black alpacas have become rare and the quality of their fibre is comparitively poor.

Popham Thunder Fleece

Popham Thunder

The challenge of breeding high quality black alpacas has been led by Tim Hey of Inca Alpacas in the UK. We are captivated by Tim's passion to breed extraordinary black alpacas and join with his vision to create a herd of black Huacaya that clip a fleece of a weight and quality equal to the best white alpacas.

  • Show Successes!

    • Redens Satchmo 2016 Champion Black

      April 2016

      We took 8 alpacas to the Heart of England show and all were placed including Satchmo who won the Black Huacaya Male Championship and Wialki who won the Black Huacaya female Reserve Champion.

  • Our Aims & Goals

    We have chosen to focus on and breed great blacks that produce champions.

    We have selected blood lines from Australia, Peru, USA and UK. To improve the genetic diversity of our herd.