Alpaca Breeders

Being alpaca breeders

Alpacas have a uniqueness about them which is captivating, their eyes have a mystique which I have not seen in any other animal and the humming sound they make is so spiritual you know you are experiencing something rare and special. They are intelligent and can show affection in their own way. They are always watching and recognise you from afar, and form long term relationships having been known to remember people and other alpacas after years apart. There is a downside, occasionally they spit (which smells revolting) and will kick if upset, although as there feet have soft pads it does not OFTEN hurt!

There will come a time when you have to deal with the loss of an animal or one that is very sick, this brings home the reality of what you have taken on but with the sadness comes so much pleasure and joy when you see healthy animals running around enjoying life. Its so important to have a network of people who share your experiences and that is something after 6 years we now have, that has taken so much of the pressure and worry away. It has almost become a way of life emailing, texting and phoning each other to find out how things are going. There are also blogs which so many people are good with, so if you ever feel a bit lost or looking for advice with your alpaca farming it is easily found.

Good husbandry is vital, feeding, keeping paddocks clean, health programme which includes worming, injecting, drenching, nail clipping then the yearly shearing which is an experience to say the least! We think this is best done towards the end of spring when temperatures are more stable, not too cold or hot. There are now quite a few shearers to choose from as alpacas have become more popular. Of course the assistance of a good vet is important and reassuring.

Winter can be tough time as alpacas do not like the rain and its so important to have at least field shelters, we have converted our barn so we can get the young ones in quickly if need be, although as always outside is best. Our fencing is dog proof and designed to keep badgers out as TB is a worry in this country. We have added electrified wire around all the paddocks which goes on in the evening and off early morning as an added biosecurity measure.

  • Show Successes!

    • Redens Satchmo 2016 Champion Black

      April 2016

      We took 8 alpacas to the Heart of England show and all were placed including Satchmo who won the Black Huacaya Male Championship and Wialki who won the Black Huacaya female Reserve Champion.

  • Our Aims & Goals

    We have chosen to focus on and breed great blacks that produce champions.

    We have selected blood lines from Australia, Peru, USA and UK. To improve the genetic diversity of our herd.