Black Alpacas

Our Story - Alpacas West Sussex

We brought Alpacas into our lives in 2009 when we met Tim Hey of Inca Alpaca in Dorset, we were looking for animals at the time to help graze down our 30 acres in West Sussex with our horses and as we are on clay soil the idea of having animals who would not poach the land sounded ideal.

What a journey! Tim’s passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for these adorable creatures just made us feel so excited and ready to experience what it would be like to be an Alpaca Breeder. I have never sold an animal in my life, they live with us to the end, so when my husband Ron said "you do realise we will have to sell some of our alpacas", I gulped and thought yes I can do this!

Well we started with 4 and now have 65 with 25 more cria due in 2016. Every alpaca has its own personality and a place in our hearts. So when we sell a few of our alpacas, it is an experience that we are well prepared for, as I know there are people out there like us who take great care of them, there is an option to return them if it does not work out.

"Every Alpaca is unique & has a place in our hearts"

Our first Cria

Our first year was a steep learning curve as we put theory into practice watching as our girls produced four healthy cria, two girls and two boys. That does seem a long time ago as we have had well over 60 cria born at Redens by the end of 2015.

Our first Show

We started showing in our second year and entered our black alpacas into the British Alpaca Futurity in 2011, never having been at an alpaca show we started at the best show in the country. Needless to say we did not win anything but gained a lot of experience meeting other alpaca breeders who were happy to share their alpaca journeys with us and who have become good friends. Since that first show we won many rosettes and several championships.

  • Show Successes!

    • Redens Satchmo 2016 Champion Black

      April 2016

      We took 8 alpacas to the Heart of England show and all were placed including Satchmo who won the Black Huacaya Male Championship and Wialki who won the Black Huacaya female Reserve Champion.

  • Our Aims & Goals

    We have chosen to focus on and breed great blacks that produce champions.

    We have selected blood lines from Australia, Peru, USA and UK. To improve the genetic diversity of our herd.